Canada's 150 Year Anniversary

Sample Poems

A Gift With Outstretched Hands


I give you the land of Canada,

the gifts of following further,

growing in silence,

and daring to believe in beauty.


This country emerges from

its wintry love

to become warm with reconciliation;

we are witnessing of change.


Canada, expanse

of the beautiful and free,

may liberty crown you with justice

in the realm of the unseen.


Called out of the dust of time,

you are a dramatic child who began

as you swelled beneath

your mother’s heart.


The birth pains have

made you the country you are today,

as strong as you are wide, multi-cultural,

and a captured mosaic.


Israel, we grant you amnesty

within the borders of our nation,

within our anthem,

our indivisible faiths

in restoration.

New book by Emily Isaacson